U Racka


Please note that the hotel is from 14.3. to 24.3.2020 CLOSED !!!!

Hotel and restaurant U Racka is located in the center of the village Ostrožská Nová Ves.

The village is part of a large spa and recreational communities. Located in Dolnomoravský basins, approximately 8 miles from the city of the name Uherské Hradiště. In the northern part of the village is situated sulphurous spa resort, where he engaged in treatment of musculoskeletal problems and skin diseases.

West of the village are spacious Novoveská lakes in the space between the flow of the small river Petříkovec and the river Morava. These lakes are widely used for water sports, fishing and as a natural swimming pool. The village is crossed by a number of bicycle path - the bicycle path of wine and Moravian Trail.

The hotel was built in the 70th the 20th century, when it functioned as a local restaurant By the Seagull. After 1989 the building begins to deteriorate and in 1991 a local firm Dobet rented this building. Two years later Hotel U Racka bought firm Dobet and it is reconstructed. The owner of the Hotel and Restaurant U Racka is today.

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